VALERIE - "No place like home."


December, 2015

Post-production completed on the five-minute version of the film to fulfill the requirements of the advanced production class at Los Angeles Valley College. The short version of the film was screened for the class and given to the professor. All of the footage and all recordings were organized for the assembly of the full-length version of the film. Then Christine took a badly needed three-week break.

January, 2016

Christine was notified she earned a 'A' grade in the advanced production class. Post production then commenced on the full-length version of VALERIE, throwing away all previous copies of editing project files and most of the special effects shots done in AfterEffects. After Christine had a "picture lock" (no more changes to the length of shots, scenes or the length of the movie) she delivered it to her longtime musical collaborator, Shredmistress Rynata, to produce a finished score.

February, 2016

Christine finished creating the credits, syncing the score with the picture and final post production changes. She submitted the film and the credits to the Internet Movie Database. She then submitted it to the LA Film Festival and numerous other festivals. Christine then turned to several literary projects.

October-December, 2017

After failing to gain acceptance at any festival, Christine recut the film. She then began the rebmission process again.

January, 2018

Notified by Hollywood Reel Independent Film Fesival that VALERIE is an official selection.

* more to come soon *

Christine D.Beatty
all rights reserved.