VALERIE - "No place like home."


VALERIE is an abused 17-year-old who flees to to Hollywood to find it's even more of a nightmare than home. Will she find a happy ending before the end finds her?   A short student film by Christine D. Beatty.


Christine D. Beatty is a transgender woman who climbed her way out of a world of addiction and prostitution. In that world, she met many fellow sexworkers who'd been driven from abusive homes as children—youngsters who turned to prostitution to survive.

Two decades later she volunteered at the Los Angeles youth shelter Children of the Night. For several years she took other clean and sober women into the shelter so they could share their experience, strength and hope with the teenage girls and boys rescued from prostitution.

As a published writer and Cinema Arts graduate from LA Valley College, Christine intends to make films that entertain as well as enlighten. Film can have impact without becoming "Western Union" or or a pulpit.

The Movie

Molested by her stepfather and unable to rely on her alcoholic mother, 17 year old Valerie decides to flee her suburban hometown for Los Angeles. Her boyfriend Brian tags along as her protector, but nothing can save her from the sleazy reality of Hollywood. When even a porn model agency turns her away as a juvenile, she does what she sees other minors do and starts turning tricks. Emasculated and desperate, Brian gets hooked on meth and ends up murdered. Valerie is rescued by Children of the Night and takes refuge in their shelter to start a new life.

Production Overview

Principal photography began on and just off Hollywood Boulevard on November 7, 2015. The next day it covered 5 locations from Sherman Oaks to North Hollywood to Van Nuys. The following weekend the company shot in Sherman Oaks and at the Los Angeles Sheriff's station on L.A. Valley College campus. Principal photography wrapped soon after.

VALERIE was shot solely by Christine D. Beatty using a Sony NEX FS-700 camera in 1080p at 24fps. Location sound was recorded with a Sennheiser ME66 shotgun mic on a TASCAM DR680-MKII portable digital recorder. All post-production was done by Christine solely using Adobe CS 6 on an ASUS Core i7-4720HQ workstation.

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